Bristol Capital

Bristol Capital

Bristol Capital is focused on offering short term loans to members of the public. It is currently building an online portal that allows users to sign up and make applications for these loans. The company envisions this will help it cut costs and also automate most of its processes.
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Role: UI/UX Designer

Duration: 2 weeks

Problem Statement

No dedicated portal that allows users to monitor the progress of their loan application in real-time and access other features without having to call the customer care number manually.

Scope of work

  • Create a modern visual dashboard design
  • All necessary information must be seen at a glance and thereby limit phone calls
  • The application must be mobile friendly

  • The Approach

    • Interview current users of the product and ask them what features they would want in an application the company is working on. Ergonomics and Fitt’s law should be of key emphasis as it is a dashboard. This is also very important for our Information Architecture for our dashboard. 
    • Interview the company leadership and ask for feature suggestions 
    • Merge both together and draft a proposal and wireframes to be presented to both parties to hopefully find a middle ground 
    • Present proposition and wireframes to users and product owner 
    • Adjust wireframes and proposal to accommodate feedbacks provided


·      User Survey: I used google form to create some questions and sent out to over 1200 contacts from the company’s past customer database. I used a ‘Go to section based on answer’  technique to enable each user really express their opinion



Option A – (User wants an application screenshot)

Option B (User does not want application)


Features expected by the Product Owner:

·      Tokenization of cards at a glance and ability to see next payment dates at a glance

·      High level of security guaranteed (put in in the faces of the customer)

·      Reminders should be sent to customers a week before next payment charge

Responses from Survey